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Welcome to the Cranfield University Gliding Club Website!

The CUGC is based at Bicester Airfield, about 12 miles north of Oxford. Members of the club can usually be found flying at Bicester each weekend.

New members are always welcome and no previous gliding experience is necessary, as comprehensive pilot training is provided by qualified instructors.

As your experience builds, you will find that you will be more in control of the aircraft until you are just taking the instructor for a pleasant trip around the sky. Eventually you will be offered the chance to fly your first solo flight, marking the beginning of your soaring adventures. 

Generally speaking though, gliding only requires good concentration to fly safely. Watching out for other aircraft and having the ability to navigate your way through the sky by the use of natural resources and piloting skill. It is a sport where men and women are equal and is as diverse and beautiful as it is dramatic and awe inspiring. There is never a dull moment in the sky!

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